BaseWars Rules



  • Provocation, insults, racial comments and harassment in general are strictly PROHIBITED.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to use the baton ulti of the out-raid mast, only inside the base concerned by the raid.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to enter a database that does not belong to you (unless you perform a RAID).
  • Use-bugs, cheating methods, etc are strictly PROHIBITED.
  • Healing in the middle of a fight, is a factor of NonFairPlay and in fact, punishable.
  • The FairPlay: This concept covers both the respect of the opponent, the rules, the spirit of the game.
  • Focusing a person/faction (coming in front of its base, causing it) is FORBIDDEN.




  • Your faction name must be correct and respectful (no racism, vulgarity, etc.)
  • It is FORBIDDEN to make a multiple base if you are not in the same faction.
  • If you do not farm, you can be AFK 45 minutes when the server is not full and 15 minutes when it is full.
  • You are not allowed to use an "Anti AFK" regardless of the situation. (Farm or not)
  • The AFK Farm is not allowed, either the fact of staying away more than 10 minutes in front of its farm machines, is FORBIDDEN, to avoid this, sell your objects, the fact of moving to take money and get afk is also FORBIDDEN.
  • FARM is NOT permitted outside your base, including on a roof.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to give a farm means to a person who does not have the level/ money to unlock it.
  • If two people have unlocked the same machine then they can boost each other without risk of penalty.
  • Making a protective wall with something other than props is FORBIDDEN (Printer, Generators, Bitminers, etc.)
  • You can’t give prestige farm help to someone who doesn’t have it. (you cannot give a prestige 2 monster cage to a prestige 1 person).




  • Your constructions must be in your base only. (Example: Outside your base, in the street, etc.)
  • It is FORBIDDEN to place more than 4 props in front of your door. (PropsBlock/ NonFairPlay)
  • It is FORBIDDEN to appropriate a building in its entirety, a door = a base.
  • Under no circumstances should your turrets aim outside the base (NonFairPlay)
  • You can place a camera, provided that it does not block any passage and that it is at your base.




  • Players with a level greater than or equal to 1250 can RAID only people of the same level (beyond 1250 level).
  • Conversely, people with a level below 1250 can raid everyone, while taking into account a certain superiority in terms of defences.
  • To raid a person/faction that has just been raided by someone else you have to wait 10min after the end of this raid.
  • Rings are NOT allowed.
  • Killing a person participating in a raid is PROHIBITED.
  • If you are in a raid, you do not have the right to kill a person not participating in the raid.
  • Abusive focus against one where players participating in a RAID are PROHIBITED.
  • It is FORBIDDEN for VIPs to give weapons to non-VIPs.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to prepare the Mast Stick Ultimate before the raid and SPAM.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to voluntarily leave an entity at low HP to boost members of its faction.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to give a weapon to a person who is not of your faction.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to boost a person via a raid (Let the person destroy everything and/or let him activate your bomb, etc.)
  • Spawncamp & Spawnkill are PROHIBITED. (Kill the person after passing a TP/MAP or during a reappearance)
  • It is FORBIDDEN to kill a person with the "Unarmed" sign written in GREEN (FreeKill) as long as he is not "Armed" in BLUE.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to kill a person with the "Permanent Armed" sign written in ORANGE until he has drawn his weapon in front of you, and/or the sound of the weapon.


  • If a person remains in front of your base glued to your door you can kill him after 3 audible summons regardless of his status (armed or not)
  • Only the owner of the big bomb has the right to move it with his GRAVITY GUN.
  • From the moment you kill someone you are no longer considered "Unarmed", so you can be killed in return.
  • The RAID is only released at level 150 and after installing 2 silver printers minimum without faction and 4 silver printers minimum with faction, either in 1 against 1 or faction against faction.
  • At the beginning of the RAID, you have 5 seconds to close all your doors/ fading doors, beyond this time you will be sanctioned.
  • It is ALLOWED to create an outpost for RAID, however please delete it once it is completed.
  • You can’t raid the same faction twice in a row in a 35-minute interval, however, be careful not to focus on the same faction under penalty. (NonFairPlay)
  • If you are in a faction (all by yourself) and you are RAID by another faction with 4-5 players, this remains allowed, you should have gone without a faction.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to spam the Nyan Gun bomb. (Every 5/ 10 seconds) 
  • It is FORBIDDEN to activate the nuke and the big bomb outside the base.
  • It is FORBIDDEN to join a faction during a raid. (Counter Raid)




    • Use F9 to send a ticket to staff members.
    • If no staff is available, note the name of the player and the current time, go to the Uranium Discord and make an appointment request to provide the evidence (screen/ rec).
    • In connection with the above sentence: a witness/testimony may be considered as evidence, but the administrator in charge of the case will decide whether the witness/testimony is viable or not at the end of the interview.
  • When you make a ticket, please detail the reason for it.
  • Any call in the chat by a "ADMIN PLEASE" or others will be very unlikely to be taken into account.




    • !sell to sell your printers, generators, etc ..
    • !skill to unlock skills
    • !prestige to access the prestigious passage.
    • F2 to open the object spawnlist.
    • F3 to access the factions menu.
    • F4 or !shop to access the pointshop menu.
    • F6 to access your profile/ stats.
    • /group to unlock rewards by following the instructions.